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Life Abundant Ministries

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We haven't told you the exciting things that is happening within our church since beginning of 2016.
We humbly apologise for that. Well, all our friends and partners should be informed that God has been amazingly great in our lives. Here's one of our latest pics.
Apostles Donovan & Ashlene Arends

We will be posting some pictures and videos to keep you informed off the great things God has done.

Firstly we welcome our new Senior Pastor Couple, Pastor Marita and Bishop Campbell to the family. They have shown themselves to be approved workers in the Kingdom of God.

We also welcome Reverend Alfred Matroos who oversees the Bible Study Department & his wife Aunty Elizabeth Matroos who has been appointed as the Treasurer.

We also welcome our Evangelist Couple; Evangelist Ednil & Jacky Jantjies

from left to right: Bishop Earnest Campbell; Pastor Marieta Campbell; Our Guest Dr Chris Lodewyk, Apostle Ashlene Arends, Apostle Donovan Arends & Reverend Alfred Matroos.

Aunty Elizabeth Matroos & Apostle Ashlene

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